Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast  –  Between Two Waters

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Conserving Water on the Sunshine Coast of BC

Why should the 'Rain Coast' ever face Water Scarcity ?

Sechelt – like other communities on the Sunshine Coast of BC – now faces drinking water shortages almost every summer.  Rapid population growth has put a strain our most critical resource – water.

But, even in times of acute water restrictions on the Sunshine Coast, your garden can look lush. How? Capture the rainwater that pours off your roof.

Redirect that run-off away from your house and into your garden. Channel stormwater downhill towards your own carefully crafted 'Rain Garden'.

What's a Rain Garden ?   A Clever Use of  Run-Off  Water !

Your Rain Garden will stand out in a landscape of dessicated, yellow lawns.

Your neighbours will wonder how you managed to display this well-watered garden in the middle of the dreaded summer drought.

You could share some of the pictures presented here. Or you can just let your neighbours grow green with envy. Your Rain Garden will be verdant!

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 Home  |  Rain Gardens  |  Native Plants  |  Rainwater Harvesting  |  Resources